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0.2-2ml Continuous Injection Syringe Veterinary Automatic Syringe For Livestock



1. High quality, durable and comfortable to use.

2. Automatic refilling for quicker vaccination, easy to vaccinate many animals one time. 

3. Design for livestock, like sheep, hog, chicken and so on. 

4. Easy to adjust dose 0.1-2ml, just need screw the dose nut to the appropriate amount you need. 

5. Suitable for a variety of sizes needle (because of different people has different need , needle is not include) 

6. Durable, easy to clean and replace parts that are broken, damaged, or lost (package include some spare parts).

In pack:
1 x 0.1-2ml Continuous Drench Gun
1 Drench attachment
2 Needles and tubing to suit
Spare parts kit

Packing : 1set