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0.2-2ml Metal Automatic Self Refill Injector Syringe Livestock Cattle Chicken Sheep Hog



Product Name:0.2-2ML Animal husbandry continuous syringe
Dose :0.2-2ML continuous automatic adjustable

(1)Strongest Sucking/pumping power,stable serving performance. Mainly used for small animals to the prevention and treatment of disease.

(2)Excellent Reposition Spring and Piston,Save energy for operation,smart practical withdraw labour-saving devices.

(3)Solid Materials including top quality Brass Chrome plated of the tools, durable service life.

(4)Easy for clean and maintain,fixed settings for ease and speed of using,endure high temperature and chemical-corrosion.

(5)Outstanding sealing ensured pretty precise dosage control,resistant to medicine wasting and shattering. 

(6)Suitable for almost all range of  animals,Applies for a wide usage range, very suitable for water, oil or mixed suspension, Especially suitable for large animals,poultry,livestock's epidemic prevention medicine liquid injection.

Description    Livestock,poulrty,Pet and other animals(especially small dose) to the prevention and treatment of disease,Farming and Epidemic quarantine equipment,Continuous delivering medicine Syringe and Injector.

Package: 1set