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0.5-5ml Livestock Farming Continuous Drench Gun Metal Syringe Pro.



livestock farm auto syringe
1.Lastest style
2.Reliable stable quality
3.Top grade raw material
4.OEM,ODM, ISO 9001:2008

5ml livestock farm auto syringe

Product Name: WJ122-1 5ml BP Type Continuous Syringe

1) Specification: 5ml dose capacity

2) Dose adjustable: 0.5-5ml adjustable continuous syringe

3) Material: First Grade chrome plated Brass and 100ml Plastic Bottle

4) Features: With specified turnover bottle, in the course of operation just pour the drug (vaccine) into the bottle for direct injection

With Attached Screw locked Adhesive 100ml thicken bottle,Only a short piece of pipe need for air pressure balance.  5ml BP type Cattle Injecton continuous syringe with bottle and injection injector(Ajustable and precision delicate graduation strich)

Package: 1set