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1. Download Wire Glue Instructions information




Brand good-helper Wire Glue Highest Quality Available

Authentic Brand Wire Glue Highest Quality Available

The Absolute Best Electrically Conductive Glue

In one simple step, you can make low voltage AC and DC electrical connections without soldering or heating.

Instructions included for usage.

This is the only electrically Conductive Glue that doesn't produce any toxic fumes.

This is the only electrically conductive glue that is safe for skin contact. 

NON-TOXIC NO Toxic Fumes and is not harmful to your health.

Make electrical connections without using a soldering iron or solder or heat.

Electrically conductive wire glue creates electrical connections.

Just apply it and allow it to dry all without using a soldering iron.

Conductive wire glue makes electrical connections carries AC and DC current the same as if you were soldering with solder.

Note: Watch Out! For conductive glues that contains POISONOUS solvents which would be absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream. Watch Out!

This should be part of every DIY Do-it-Yourselfer toolbox in an emergency it's a good idea to have the tools available at hand to fix the problem.

Best Safe conductive glue

It works like glue, but it conducts electricity like wire and solder, thanks to a whole bunch of electron friendly complex carbon molecules.

Horrible at soldering? This is the product for you!! Electrically "Conductive" Wire Glue utilizes the latest advances in Nano carbon technology. It is the perfect product to use while installing that FET upgrade, Lith-Ion Battery Pack, Tight Turn, etc... Best of all, you don't have to use a soldering iron!!

Perfect for those really small points hard to reach sensitive to heat.

Don't want to solder?

Use electrically conductive Wire Glue instead of solder.

Just apply Wire Glue with a toothpick and allow to dry to a strong hold and you have a solid electrical and mechanical connection for lots of low voltage electronics uses.

Highly conductive glue

No more soldering

No Soldering Iron

No solder

Don't want to solder? This is for you! Try Wire Glue!

Soldering Gun in a Jar


Latest advances in Nan carbon technology!

It works like glue, but it conducts electricity like wire and solder, thanks to a whole bunch of electron friendly complex carbon molecules.

Uses for Wire Glue

Solar Panels, Science Fair Projects, Audio Systems, Headphone Cords, Car Stereo, TV and Radio Antennas, Home Electronics, Solar cells, Keypad rubber keypads restores conductivity.

Hobby Projects, Cable TV Connections, Flashlights, Christmas Tree lights, Bell Wiring.


• Lead Free • Simple: One Easy Step • Reliable: Permanent Bond • Highly Conductive • For Both AC and DC Circuits • Quick and Easy Repairs

This lead free formulation is ideal for bonding all types

of low voltage electrical connections.

Electrically bonds aluminum to steel too!

Wire Glue utilizes the latest advances in nano-carbon technology to bring you highly conductive glue for hobbies and electronic repairs. Simply stir and apply the glue to a surface and let it dry.

You will have a reliable, permanent bond!

Note: because of the glue will sclerosis after a volatile, so please shut tight cap after use to store in a cool place

Conductive adhesives
I. Introduction
The product is single component, an inorganic aluminosilicate materials, black, electrically conductive material, the conductive performance, temperature
, 1000 under inert gas protection.
Second, the functional application
This product is suitable for high-temperature conditions of metal, ceramic and glass materials such as conductive heat-resistant adhesive, and can also be used as electrically and thermally conductive coating.
Third, the physical and chemical properties of parameters performance


1.Can be used as usual after Stir
   2.surface treatment, degreasing, clean.
   3.coated with a thin layer of plastic, can be folded after coating, the contact pressure is applied, ready for curing.
   4.Curing: room temperature 12h → 80
2h → 120 2h. room temperature to cooling.

 Physical state paste                                                             
 Density (g/cm3) 1.65
 Tensile strength (Mpa) 9.32
 Shear strength (Mpa) 8.26
 Volume resistivity (Ω.cm) 10-2 ~ 10-3
 Operating Temperature (
) 10-2 ~ 10-3
 Conductive adhesives
 Color – Black

Net Weight: 18ml

(Wire Glue need keep in cool area)

If stiffen, add a small amount of water and then stirred, wire glue life again


Tips: Ideally wire glue quick-drying use hair dryer. Faster