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10Feet 40mm PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Film - Red



Product Features: excellent environmental protection, insulation, stable performance, low shrink temperature, shrink fast, etc.;

Applications: Widely used for electrolytic capacitors, batteries, electronic components, lighting, LED pin, bottle combination packaging, coverings play beautify the appearance, insulation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, the role of dust;

10 FEET  Φ25mm 2:1 PVC Heat Shrinkable Tubing.   

Please Note: Our Diameters Or "Tubing" for Heat Shrink Are Measured As Round Tubing, NOT FLAT

Flattened width of 40mm (25mm) in diameter

Shrink Ratio: 2:1

Minimum Shrink Temp: 80C

Operating Temp: -40C-105C

Electrical: 300V per mil.


Packing : 10 Feet /Red