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853A Quartz Infrared Preheating Station (Brand GH)



Dual purpose station - can be used as a preheating and desoldering device.

1. Digital readout for faster recognition of temperature.

2. Large infrared quartz heating surface to suit a wide range of electronic circuit board sizes.

3. An alternative technology to assist in gently preheating PCBs.

4. Prevents PCB distortion by balancing heat on both sides of the board.

Power Input : available in 110V / 220V

Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 600W
Current: 3A
Temperature Range: 100 - 380 degrees Celcius
Heating Surface: 130 x130mm
Heating Element: Quartz IR Heating Element
Station Dimensions: 220(w) x 73(h) x 247(d) mm
Weight: 3.2kg

Package content:
1 quantity