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ATTEN-AT853A hot air preheat units



Characteristics and advantages
1.Quick Heating, up to 350ºC only in 10 seconds.
2.Temperature sensor keeps the output temperature stable.
3.Optional cool flow can preheat and cool chip.
4.Working with AT reworking station to deal with BGA and chip IC.
5.Smart and Compact design and appearance, easy to carry.
6.Automatic temperature control, Can work continuously working for long hours, not affecting the function of the device and the temperature of panel won't exceed the standard temperature.

Specifications and the size of the nozzles (denote dimensions of flat IC)

Input voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz/110V±10%60Hz
Temperature range: 100 ~ 350°C
Air output range: 0.18m3/min
Output power: 540W
Dimension: 170mm x 140mm x55mm
Weight: 1.1Kg (not including power line)

Replaceable nozzles(mm)

Membrane type Air Pump Batten's air pump
5 cores line Silicone tube
AT850 handle cover AT850 handle under cover
Power line LED display
8205 whole handle set AT850 transformers
4 cores heating element AT850 whole handle set
With a sheath 2-core heating element