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Blunt dispensing needle tips 1.5" 14G



Takeorder-esf Green Industrial Dispensing Blunt Needle Tip For Liquid Adhesive Glue 14Ga

Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer
The tip is an important part of the Industrial dispenser selection process. It is the final point of exit and plays an important role in controlling the deposit.

They are blunt end Industrial dispensing blunt needles (not sharp end) and are usually used for gluing the electronic components, jewelry or filling the ink, e-cigarette liquid /clay etc. They are unsterile and are not for the purpose of hypodermic injection.

Note:The blunt needle for industrial use only. Not for human and animal injection!

Material:Stainless Steel and Plastic
Color:Green and Silver

Brand Name: Takeoder-esf
Standard: 14Ga
Blunt  Needle length: 38mm / 1.5 "
Full length: 55mm
Inner diameter: 1.55mm
Outer diameter: 1.84mm
Dimension:55 x 7.7mm/2.17 x 0.3"(L x Dia)

Package Include:
Blunt Industrial Dispensing Blunt Needles Tips