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Crimp Sealed - Blunt End Tips 0.4-0.44mm



Needles are Burr-Free, Polished Stainless Steel with Color-Coded, Polypropylene Safety Luer-Lock Hubs
Our general purpose industrial needles are ideal for dispensing a wide range of fluids, liquids, epoxies, silicones, adhesives, solder pastes, grease, fluxes, cyanoacrylates, sealants, welding creams, lubricants, glues, inks and more. Our burr-free, polished stainless steel canula tubing yield consistent fluid deposits. Ideal for filling ink jet printing cartridges, automotive cosmetic repair, hobbyist and professional applications.

Model: Dia. (Inch/mm)  0.4.0-0.44mm

Tip length: 15mm


Spec.        Inner Diameter    Outer Diameter     Color

14gauge       1.55mm           2.10mm               Olive

15gauge       1.36mm           1.80mm               Amber

16gauge       1.32mm           1.60mm               Clear

18gauge       0.84mm           1.27mm               Green

19gauge       0.75mm           1.06mm               Dark Purple

20gauge       0.60mm           0.91mm               Pink

21gauge       0.51mm           0.82mm               Purple

22gauge       0.41mm           0.72mm               Blue

23gauge       0.34mm           0.64mm               Orange

24gauge       0.30mm           0.55mm               Purple

25gauge       0.26mm           0.51mm               Red

26gauge       0.23mm           0.45mm               Light Brown

27gauge       0.21mm           0.41mm               Clear



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