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DB271R (high strength thread locking sealant) is a single component, anaerobic medium viscosity, high strength thread locking sealant. This product between two close fitting metal surfaces and cured with air isolated.

Prevent loosening and leakage of threaded fasteners. M36 threaded fasteners for the following permanent locking and sealing, to prevent thread corrosion.

Typical uses: studs screwed into the end of the lock (such as cylinder head studs).

Base material chemical composition methacrylate
Appearance red viscous liquid
Viscosity (mPa.s) 300 ~ 800
Specific Gravity 1.05
Flash point (
)> 108
Maximum fill the gap (mm) 0.13
Room temperature curing time (min) ≤ 20

After curing properties:
Full cure time (hr) 24 at room temperature
Destruction of torque (N · m) ≥ 20
The average removal torque (N · m) ≥ 20
Operating Temperature (
) -54 ~ 149

Instructions for use:
painted surfaces should be clean, dry and no oil.
bolts painted in sufficient quantity to fill all engaged threads, a thin layer of the product results in a 0.05 mm or less work best.
For large thread sizes, the larger the gap will affect cure speed and strength of the product. This product will reduce the friction force (torque tension ratio) assembly generated. Need to be fastened to the threaded applications critical value, the need to determine in advance a good ratio.

This product should not be used on plastic parts; in order to avoid contamination of the original glue, do not have poured the glue back to the original packaging.

Safety Precautions:
This product contains methyl acrylate, skin and eye irritation. If skin contact, immediately wash with water; If contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and went to the hospital for treatment.