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Dispensing Syringe Tip Assortment 64 pc kit



A variety of syringes and tips to fit any application. For glue, paint, ink, solder paste,oil, Paste, makeup diy
conformal coatings. Organized in labeled reclosable packaging,
shipped in a sturdy storage case.

Kit Includes:

30pcs free-flow plastic tapered tips: 5pcs each of 14-22ga
25pcs 0.5" plastic hub stainless blunt tips: 25pcs each of 14-22ga
3pcs 5cc (5ml) clear plastic syringe
5pcs white syringe caps
Plastic Storage Case (may vary slightly from picture)

A few cautions!

Non sterile. Not for medical use
For industrial use only. User assumes all responsibility for application
Excercise caution when using dispensing tips. These blunt tip tips WILL puncture skin
Approved safety glasses and gloves MUST be worn