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Electronic Digital Adjustable Hot Air Gun Heat 1600W




  • Input voltage: 220V-240V
  • Frequency: 50 to 60Hz
  • Adjustable Temperature range: 60 to 600 degree Celsius
  • Air Volume :200-500 L/Min
  • Power consumption:1600W


  • LCD display, digital constant temperature, convenient for the user.
  • Can be used for a variety of mediums.
  • Useful for variety of redecorating applications.
  • Powerful element provides sufficient heat concentration for removing paint.
  • Variable temperature control allows selection of the correct heat for a ranage of appli-cations.
  • Get rid of old paint, Pyrocondensation packing film.
  • Bending plastic pipes, Polyethylene products.
  • Get rid of glutinous paper and ornament
  • Undo the screw cap and filature.
  • Intenerate grimy oil before removing it

Uses the hot air gun to be possible the PE pyrocondensation tube, the PVC pyrocondensation tube, to be gummed the dog-legged pyrocondensation tube heating contraction.

Application method:
When starts heats up, from far distance, and turns toward the pyrocondensation tube heating evenly, then approaches slowly again, wraps securely closely until the pyrocondensation tube even contraction and the packing material.

Hot air gun other uses:
* May remove the paint or the apply paint, the coordinate hot blast spray nozzle and blows except having time uses is better;
* Elimination tack label, old wallpaper and decoration;
* Relieves rusts perhaps the too tight cap nut and the metal screw;
* The dissolution freezes the delivery pipe, freezes the door lock or the padlock and so on (please do not attempt use on plastic tube);
* Before the processing oily dirt or replaces the old pulverizing, but advance conditioning;
* Uses in the refrigerator defrosting;
* May contract the PVC membrane to take the packing the protector; 8th, may use in sled's waxing or eliminates the wax;
* may contract the polyethylene which the connection metal uses;
* The conditioning welds deals with people.

  • 1 x Hot Air Gun 1600W