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Kada 858D+ 2 in 1 SMD Rework Welding Tools



Power consumption: 550W (AC: 220V/50Hz)
Temperature range: 100 degrees -450 degrees
Heating element: high temperature ceramics, together wire
Nozzle grounding resistance: less than or equal to 2 Ohm
Power supply voltage: 12V DC motor
Pump type: worm-type brushless DC motor
Maximum gas flow rate: 100L/min

Iron pen

Power consumption: 40W (30V-90W P-P)
Temperature Range: 200 ° -480 °
Heating element: Ceramic long life heating element
Tip of the lead-free oxidation: high conductivity of long life
Output voltage: Dynamic 22V
Tip Grounding resistance: less than or equal to 1 Ohm
Tip to ground potential: less than or equal to 2 mV

Product Features:

A multi-functional combination of maintenance system, respectively: microcomputer automatic control of hot air welding, high-power thermostat lead-free soldering iron.

2 microcomputer (PCU) control the various parts of the temperature, air flow and small and precise display of set and actual parameters.

3 high-power thermostat soldering iron part, the use of Japanese technology and materials, the linear sensor with built-in professional IC stoppage time and capture the welding temperature is less than one second, truly a variety of welding tools. (858 without this feature).

4 equipped with a smart self-test function, when the self-test to the user of this machine after shutdown does not pick up the handset, the machine is set to complete five minutes into hibernation.

5 The hot air welding heater is equipped with a linear temperature sensor, zero trigger sampled by microcomputer technology, more accurate and stable temperature control, LED screen shows the actual operating temperature, intuitive and reliable use of this product.

Airflow size turbine-type brushless DC motor with very low noise and durability, Ten Steps to control the large amount of wind and the wind is particularly soft, adjustment range, more adapted to a variety of uses.

7 hot air handle is equipped with magnetic sensors, hand-held handle the system quickly into the work mode, when the handle back into the handle rack (to put in position), that is, the system will automatically enter standby mode, the use of more humane.

8 system with automatic cold, greatly extending the life of the heating element and effective protection of the hot air gun.

. Rapid heating, the temperature is not the amount of wind, accuracy and stability.

Product Use:

(1) suitable for desoldering like: SO1C, CH1P, QFP, PLCC, BGA and other variety of the original device.

Packing: 1 set