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KESTER 951 Great for cell tabbing and other soldering operations 20ml



KESTER 951 is a water-based, halide-free, no-clean liquid flux formulated to offer a very wide process window allowing for extremely good wetting, even to difficult-to-wet materials. KESTER 951 offers a broad activation range, proving to be an excellent flux for a variety of process parameters and applications, including lead-free wave soldering with tin-silver-copper, tin-silver, tin-copper, and other alloys. KESTER 951 offers low post-process residues and has proven to reduce preventative maintenance requirements for spray fluxing applications. In addition, KESTER 951 offers low-fuming and fast solvent evaporation. KESTER 951 is designed to be a no-clean, non-visible residue flux, which can be cleaned if critical to the product application.


    Low Post Process Residues
    Lead-Free Compatible
    Broad Process Window
    Excellent in Extended Dwell Time


KESTER 951 is ready to use directly from the container for spray systems.
When spray fluxing, it is imperative that proper flux coverage and uniformity be achieved and maintained. A dry flux coating of 500 to 2000 micrograms per square inch is necessary.
When complete nitrogen sealed wave solder equipment is used, it is generally necessary to apply slightly more flux than normal as a result of excess drying due to the extended length of the equipment.


KESTER 951 can be cleaned, if necessary, with water, and enhanced cleaning can be achieved through the use of a saponifier. Deionized water is recommended for the final rinse. A temperature of 38ºC - 65ºC (100° - 150°F) is sufficient for removing any residues. An in-line or other pressurized spray cleaning system is suggested, but is not required.

Package Included : 1x  20ml

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