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Lead Free Iron Tip 900M-T-1.6D For Aoyue/Hakko/ATTEN (Black)



Fit to Hakko Atten Quick Saike Kada Aoyue and other Brand Iron Station

Not Fit to Aoyue 2702A+ and 2900, 2901
Suitable for following Aoyue systems:
Compatible Systems for Aoyue T Series Soldering Iron Tips

453 Soldering Iron
701A+ Repair System
701 Repair System
899 Repair System
899A+ Repair System
906 Repair System
908+ Repair System
909 Repair System
936 Soldering Station
936A Soldering Station
937 Soldering Station
937+ Soldering Station
968 Repair System
Int768 Repair System

- Model : Lead Free
900M T-1.6D -----------(0.06mm) (Ø1.6mm)