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(Lead Free) Soldering Iron Tips For Aoyue / Lukey / Hakko/ ATTEN /YIHUA



Not Fit to Aoyue 2702A+ and 2900, 2901
Suitable for following Aoyue systems:
Compatible Systems for Aoyue T Series Soldering Iron Tips

Hakko 936/937/914/

* These tips are plated with lead-free solder.
* FOR: 900M.933.376.907.913.951,898D,852D+
Aoyue 968. 909. i803. 936. 968A+. 968. 937. 906
* Fit for Hakko atten quick Aoyue Lukey YIHUA and other brand iron station.
The quality definitely let your mind at ease
Please rest assured to buy.

Package included :
* 10x solder Iron tip Set
Lead-free solder.
1x 900M T-0.8D -------(0.031mm) (Ø0.8mm)
1x 900M T-1.2D -------(0.047mm) (Ø1.2mm)
1x 900M T-1.6D -------(0.06mm) (Ø1.6mm)
1x 900M T-3C ----------(0.1mm) (Ø3.0mm) (45°)
1x 900M T-B -----------R0.5(0.02mm)
1x 900M T-K -----------(0.02mm) (Ø0.5mm) (45°)
1x 900M T-2.4D ------(0.09mm) (Ø2.4mm)
1x 900M T-3.2D ------(0.12mm) (Ø3.2mm)
2x 900M T-I ------------R0.2(0.008mm)

Package :10Pcs