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PG16 Liquid Tight Strain Relief Protector Connector Skintop



About item

Modle: PG16
Cable Range : 10-14mm/ 0.39"-0.55";
Thread OD : 21.6mm/ 0.85"
Thread Length : 10mm / 0.39";
Total Size : 110 x 29mm / 4.3" x 1.14" (L*Max.D)
Material : Plastic;
Color : Black
Total Weight : 43g;

Used for fixing cables, waterproof design.
Special design of the clamping die and rubber part, wide clamping range, strong stretching resistance, no damage to cables and devices.
Without disassembly, cable can be inserted through directly then tightened easily.
Applicable to machinery control boxes, distribution panels, electrical appliances, machines, etc.