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silver/copper brazing powder/iron pipe/welding powder 20g



Borax based flux for use on steel components being brazed with a brass brazing alloy.

This is of special flux powder 20g. Can be used with brass brazing alloy, the amount of heat needed will depend upon the size of the job. We use this for making exhaust pipes and manifolds for model boats and aircraft and repairing aluminium radiators and oil coolers and intercoolers on cars. This material is the real thing, its not the soldering material that's often advertised which involves scratching the surface of the metal with a wire brush through the flux and then soldering with a metal mix rod. With our kit the parts to be joined are heated with the torch, the rod is dipped into the flux and when the parts are at the required temperature the fluxed rod is applied to the joint. The braze then melts and flows around the joint in a similar way to silver soldering or steel brazing.


Packing: 20g