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Solder Iron Tip Lead-free 900M-T-K Pure Copper Diamagnetic




Copper soldering tips are suitable for lower temperature soldering as they are not plated and prone
to oxidation. This type is super shrill with its points shaped like a needle which is suitable for crafted
workmanship with care under low temperature. Get this set of tips and make your soldering work easier.

These tips are made from copper and not electroplated, easy to tin and diamagnetic, suitable for lower temperature soldering.
It is super shrill type which fits for crafted workmanship, soldering in a narrow space or revising the tin bridge emerging from chip soldering.
Don't leave your iron running for hours and hours if you are not using it. This can make the tip get black oxide cover.
Try to tin the tip as it heats. If you leave it on too long or run it too hot it will burn off the solder and go black again.
These soldering tips are suitable for 936, 937 soldering stations, etc.

Material: Copper
Color: Copper
Inner Diameter: approx. 4.15mm
Package Weight: approx. 3.6g
Model: 900M-T-K
Temperature Range: 200-480℃
Applicable to: 936, 937 soldering station, etc.
Quantity: 1pcs

For storing used iron tips
Use sponge to clean iron tip.
Wrap them with tin solder.
Turn off the power supply and wait until they cool.
Put iron pen on the iron shelve.