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Stainless Steel Lager Hanger Door Wall Bathroom



Back home, close the door, put  your coat on to the clothes hook, then relax yourself. Make your  life more comfortable from this moment on

4x 1mm thick stainless steel clothes hooks

Perfect for hanging coats, robe, hats, towels,  purses and so on.  Ideal for doors, bedrooms, bathrooms and closets

Each hook with two screws (25mm length), two  screw caps and two plastic wall plugs(6mm diameter;25mm length)

Each hook weight 20g and 80g totally

Hook size :  2-3/4 (70mm)high, 1-1/4 (30mm)depth,  3/64 (1mm)thick

Hook material:  stainless steel

Attention  please

The hook is suitable for hard wood and wall, when  you want to mount the hook on wall, please drill a hole in the wall  and embed the plastic wall plugs first

The hook can hold about 30 pounds weight things