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WEiTus ESD-03,04,06 Curved Tweezer Anti-Static - 3 Pcs



WEiTus ESD-03, -04 and -06 Curved Tweezer Anti-Static

Condition:  New
Model: ESD
-03 Length:140mm (Fine tip straight)
-04 Length:110mm (Super Fine tip straight)
-06 Length:120mm (Pointed square tip)
Material: Stainless Steel

super hard.  Anti-Static. anti-magnetic. anti-acid steel.

A Range of high quality stainless steel tweezers, designed to meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries.

The peak is hard and sharp ,please keep it well
Package include: -03, -04 and -06

 The above price is for reference only, welcome to email quote