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Wireless Antistatic Discharge Band Ground Wrist Strap



Anti-Static Wristband Eliminates The Need For A Ground Wire

Principle :
As per physics principle of 「Corona」 Discharge effects and 「Points Discharge」
by transmission of electric potential difference to arrive the effect of
electrostatic elimination。That is use the physical principle of 「Engineering of
static」 transmit is use ion push ion transmission pushing the static of human
body as per the way of high electric potential enter the activation area than
use 」 Skin effect」 pushing the static from activation area to the point of storing
static and between the storing static area with discharging have one meg ohm
resistor to stop the static return to transmit. Further, the device out side have
one screw, it connect with inside conductor circuit

(1). Use for – When people touch high Static power n careless make instant
large electrostatic charge conduction, can offer ion neutralization with outside
water molecule by the screw when the ion neutralize un-finish in time.
[It's "Corona discharge effect ] to eliminate the static reach to the final
purpose of 」 Static voltage balance」

(2). Can be use to make the function of electric potential zero
(Just use the rew touch the grounding source)

(3). Can be used to check the circuit termination.